About Us

We began as Arizona Solar Help, a 501c3 charitable organization dedicated to helping homeowners go solar.  Despite our best efforts to research and evaluate local solar companies, too often our non-profit group and the clients we served were misled.

To ensure that the best interests of families we serve, Maxam Solar was formed.  Holding true to our charitable roots, Maxam Solar provides honest information, an accurate solar analysis, the highest quality products and the best pricing and financing available.

The Maxam Solar Difference

In addition to providing great pricing, Maxam Solar is the only solar company we know that buys down the interest rate for our customers.  Buying down your interest is not a matter of having a superior credit score.  Solar companies simply have to pay a higher dealer fee to get a lower interest rate; this is not done because it reduces their profit margin.

It is important to know exactly what you are paying for when going solar.  Solar companies only want you to focus on the purchase price.  It is crucial for the customer to know your short term costs (monthly payment) and your long term expenses (total interest paid).

Example 1 – Purchase Price:  $25,000 (Standard Interest Rate – 5.99% over 20 years):

  • Monthly Payment: $149.75
  • Total Interest Paid: $21,541.51

Example 2 – Purchase Price:  $25,000 (Buy Down Rate – 3.99% over 20 years):

  • Monthly Payment: $99.75 ($50 per month savings)
  • Total Interest Paid: $13,592.65 ($7,948.86 savings)

Our goal is to make it is easy for you to go solar.  Buying down your interest rate is the best path for you going solar.

Let Maxam Solar provide a FREE solar analysis and show how much money you could be saving by going solar.  There are NO commitments, NO obligations and NO pressure from a salesperson.  Keep in mind, you can go solar with NO MONEY OUT OF POCKET.  Email us to get started.