Lease vs. Purchase 

It is always recommended that you purchase your solar energy system.  Should only be a consideration if the household has no taxable income.  Even then, Maxam Solar does not endorse this option.

To begin with, the solar company providing the lease gets the tax incentives provided by the federal and state government.  Typically, this results in over $10,000 lost by the homeowner.

Don’t be fooled into thinking you will be making smaller solar payments with a lease.  The initial payment differential with a lease and purchase agreement is minimal at best in the beginning.  Lease payments typically increase by 2%-3% each year.  This quickly eliminates any savings achieved initially with a lease agreement.

The biggest disadvantage with a leased solar energy system, it makes selling your home very difficult.  Solar leases are not always transferable and the buyer must qualify for the lease.  It is quite conceivable that the seller will have a lot of money to remove the solar panels.

A solar home with a purchase agreement increases your property value significantly and sells 20% faster.  With a purchase agreement the products themselves are warrantied and transferable.

When a solar home with a purchase agreement is being sold; the seller simply puts the balance the solar plan into the price of the home and walks away from any long-term commitments.  The buyer gets a home with no solar plan and an electric bill that is $0-$20 per month (very appealing).  This scenario is a “win-win” proposition for both parties.

Let Maxam Solar provide a FREE solar analysis and show how much money you could be saving by going solar.  There are NO commitments, NO obligations and NO pressure from a salesperson.  Keep in mind, you can go solar with NO MONEY OUT OF POCKET.  Email us to get started.