Myths About Solar

Solar energy systems have been available since the 1950s.  Unfortunately, as times have changed, there are many misconceptions about going solar.  We examine common myths and provide facts to these misunderstood notions.

Myth:  Solar is too expensive.

Fact:  Solar costs have decreased substantially in the last decade (2008:  $8.82 per kW / 2018:  $3.60 per kW).  Solar is a far less expensive way of paying for electricity.

Myth:  It’s better to wait for solar panels to come down in price.

Fact:  The notion of waiting to save money is a fallacy.  The tax incentives provided by the federal government are at its highest point and it is written into legislation that this amount will decrease in the following years.  When all factors are considered, 2019 is the absolute best time to go solar.

Myth:  Solar panels will damage your roof.

Fact:  Through Maxam Solar’s preferred financing partner, the workmanship is warrantied for 20 years.  Additionally, the solar panels add a layer of protection from the elements and increase the longevity of your roof.

Myth:  Solar panels require a lot of maintenance.

Fact:  The are no moving parts, so little to no maintenance is needed.  Dust has virtually no impact on the production of the solar panels and cleaning is purely for esthetic purposes.

Myth:  You need expensive batteries to store excess electricity.

Fact:  Utility companies have an electrical buyback program called Net Metering.  Customers get paid by or receive credits from the utility company for the unused electricity generated by their solar energy system.

Let Maxam Solar provide a FREE solar analysis and show how much money you could be saving by going solar.  There are NO commitments, NO obligations and NO pressure from a salesperson.  Keep in mind, you can go solar with NO MONEY OUT OF POCKET.  Email us to get started.