Return On Investment (ROI)

A common misconception is that it takes 20-25 years before you see a return on investment (ROI) when purchasing a solar energy system.  This is absolutely not the case.  Quite often, Maxam Solar customers are able to achieve an immediate return on investment.

Think of going solar as a home improvement plan.  Let’s compare going solar to other common home improvements.

Swimming pool:

  • Cost: $30,000
  • ROI: 39% (loss of $18,300)

Kitchen Remodel:

  • Cost: $30,000
  • ROI: 54% (loss of $13,800)

A swimming pool and kitchen remodel are great enhancements and will help make your home more attractive to potential buyers.  However, from a financial standpoint, are not good investment (loss of revenue).

Solar Energy System:

  • Cost: $30,000
  • ROI: Over 100%

Going solar is by far the best investment from a ROI perspective.  The federal government is going to pay for 30% of your total costs (for this example:  $10,000).  The State of Arizona is going to contribute a flat sum of $1,000.  That is $11,000 in free money.

When you factor in your property value increase ($3-$4 per watt).  The average Arizona home has a 9.0 kW or 9,000-watt solar energy system.  This equates to $27,000-$36,000 property value increase for this example.

In this example and quite often, you ROI is immediate.  In fact, you are making a profit by going solar.  This example does not even take into consideration that you will typically save $30-$300 each month on your electric bill.

Best of all, Maxam Solar customers will be able to go solar with $0 down and no security deposit.  You will literally be replacing your ever-increasing electric bill with a much lower solar plan with NO MONEY OUT OF POCKET.

You can even include other home improvements such as roof repair, air conditioning units, etc. into your solar plan and not have any outlay of cash.  In summary, from a financial standpoint, it makes sense to go solar.

Let Maxam Solar provide a FREE solar analysis and show how much money you could be saving by going solar.  There are NO commitments, NO obligations and NO pressure from a salesperson.  Keep in mind, you can go solar with NO MONEY OUT OF POCKET.  Email us to get started.